Course Curriculum:

Program Structure: Total credits = 160 (Theory 110 & Practical 50). Duration: Four years (Eight semester of six months each)

First Year

1st Semester

 6 readings
 Reading: Introduction to Fashion & Apparel Industries
 Reading: Textile Science: Fiber –Yarn- Fabric
 Reading: Elements of design – Practical
 Reading: Basic Science: Chemistry
 Reading: History of the emergence of independent Bangladesh
 Reading: English Foundation Course: Part-1
First Year

2nd Semester

10 readings
 Reading: Sewing Technology
 Reading: Sewing Technology – Practical
 Reading: Dyeing, Printing & Finishing for Apparel
 Reading: Dyeing, Printing & Finishing for Apparel – Practical
 Reading: Basic Applications of Computer- Practical
 Reading: Basic Science: Physics
 Reading: Introduction to Economics
 Reading: English Foundation Course: Part-2
 Reading: Clothing Materials & Techniques

 Reading: Clothing Materials & Techniques – Practical

Second Year

3rd Semester

 9 readings
 Reading: Cutting Room Technology
 Reading: Cutting Room Technology – Practical
 Reading: Sewing & Construction Techniques – Practical
 Reading: Variation of bottoms – Practical
 Reading: English Composition
 Reading: Basic Math
 Reading: Principles of Marketing
 Reading: Sewing Machine Engineering & Attachment – Practical

 Reading: Apparel Industry Visit – Practical

Second Year

4th Semester

 9 readings
 Reading: Basic garments construction
 Reading: Basic garments construction – Practical
 Reading: Special Fabrics & Finishes
 Reading: Bodice & Variation – Practical
 Reading: Apparel Production process & details
 Reading: Introduction to statistics
 Reading: Business communication
 Reading: Store Room Management

 Reading: Principles of Accounting

Third Year

5th Semester

 10 readings

 Reading: Apparel Quality Control Management

 Reading: Tools & Techniques of Merchandisers

 Reading: Knitwear pattern drafting – Practical

 Reading: Testing of textile

 Reading: Testing of textile – Practical

 Reading: International Trade & Transaction

 Reading: Human Resource Management

 Reading: Apparel Industrial Engineering

 Reading: Cut & Sew Knitwear

 Reading: Computing for managers: E-professional – Practical

Third Year

6th Semester

 9 readings
 Reading: Advanced Garments Construction – Practical
 Reading: Finishing Room: Wash Care Label
 Reading: Apparel Merchandising Management
 Reading: Fully Fashioned Knitwear
 Reading: Industrial Garments washing
 Reading: Pattern grading – Practical
 Reading: Fashion Marketing
 Reading: Apparel Lean Manufacturing
 Reading: Supply chain management
Fourth Year
7th Semester
 8 readings
 Reading: Sourcing & negotiation techniques
 Reading: Product development & re-engineering – Practical
 Reading: Garments CAD – Practical
 Reading: Fashion Retailing & Visual Merchandising – Practical
 Reading: ISO & Compliance
 Reading: Consumer behavior
 Reading: Production & Operation Management
 Reading: Advanced Quality Control Management
Fourth Year
8th Semester
 1 reading

 Reading: Internship ( Final project) – Practical