Institute of Science, Trade & Technology (ISTT) is a prominent professional and technical based higher educational Institution in Bangladesh. The institute is ranked number one as technical institute in ILO assessment. It has established in 1998 with the motto to transform human into capital. The institute is directed by Advanced Welfare Foundation. The institute is providing masters’, bachelor and diploma degree under the affiliation of National University and Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB).
Since 1998, ISTT offers the best opportunity to the student needs in his life. Now, ISTT is the biggest institution under National University and BTEB in terms of course of studies and No. of students. The Institute is just in the midst of this lively city Dhaka. The access and mapping is very easy as it establish its permanent campus in Mirpur-15, Dhaka on one acors of land. The institute has also a prime campus located at Mirpur-14. It’s really captivating to the passersby for its huge and attractive structure. We welcome the students to choose our institutions of higher learning where they can be assured for the progress, prospects a remarkable success.

Aims & Objective:

Institute of Science Trade and Technology (ISTT) has been established to provide education with unique quality relevant to the needs of the modern society which can “Transform human into Capital”. With this end in view the academic activities of ISTT are so designed as to enable the students to pursue higher education and professional goals with a sound academic background. As an institution of higher learning that promotes and inculcates ethical standards, values and norms, Institute of Science trade and technology (ISTT) is committed to the ideals of fair academic evaluation, transparency, and non-discrimination.
The aim of this Institute is to foster the national development process through the creation of a Centre of excellence in higher education that is responsive to society’s needs and able to develop creative leaders and actively contributes to learning and creation of knowledge. The principal objective of the Institute is to provide an excellent broad based education with a focus on professional development for students, in order to equip them with the knowledge and skill necessary for leading the country in its quest for development and to produce highly skilled manpower that will contribute to the national development as entrepreneurs, academics, professionals, administrators and researchers.